Evidence Based Clinical Decision Support Solution Provider

The client is an international Clinical Data Science company providing clinical insights and decision support solutions around Treatment Efficacy and Tolerability to physicians, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Client was looking for an outsourcing partner who could abstract large number of studies in short span of time with the required quality. BDS enabled the client to prepare Evidence based trial summaries by abstracting clinical & statistical data from research papers. With this association, client was able to attain the required speed and quality to meet their business challenge.

Pharma Consulting & Clinical Information Services Company

The client is a multinational company operating in Health Information services and Clinical Research fields. One of the divisions of company provides Marketing insights & Product strategy support solution to Pharmaceutical companies. Client was looking for an outsourcing partner who could provide the required scalability in throughput and quality. BDS has assisted client to solve the business challenge to scale up optimally and client is able to completely focus on their core offering of analytics and insight generation.

EHR Software Provider

The client is Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR) company providing software and analytics solutions to multi-speciality physicians as well as surgeons for Outpatient & Inpatient departments (OPD/IPD). Healthcare providers are looking for an end to end solution in form of Software plus transcription/digitization services to ensure completeness and accuracy of patient data for enhanced analytics, decision support and compliances. BDS partnered with client to provide transcription and digitization services in form of software as a service to Physicians and Hospitals. End clients benefitted through higher utilization of EHR, reduced health documentation workload, enhanced patient engagement and compliances.

Healthcare Providers

The clients are multi-speciality hospitals providing healthcare services. Clients were looking for an outsourcing partner for Filing, Indexing, Scanning, ICD coding, Digital Storage and Physical Storage of IPD records for a period of 10 years. This service offering has proved to be of immense help to clients who now can rely on BDS for their end to end medical records management as well as be safeguarded against medico legal risks arising out of unavailability of
the record.