Professional MRS Benefits

Easy Visualization of treatment timeframe
Simplifies Complex information
Provides a brief overview and summary
Highlights information pertinent to case
Complaint with data standards
Reduces cost and overheads
Contains quick links for easy reference

Reduce the amount of time attorney, paralegal and claims personnel spend sorting and reviewing medical documents. Screen each case in the most efficient and least disruptive manner.

Who Can Benefit From MRS?

Attorneys and law firms handling
medical negligence cases

Attorneys and law firms handling
Workmen’s Compensation lawsuits
and personal injuries

Insurance claims
adjustorsand lawyers

Medical experts
consulting for legal cases

IMEs, Forensic Experts

Types of Summaries

Comprehensive Medical Summaries

  • Detailed summarization
  • Includes minute details of the case
  • Extensive
  • Carries every pertinent information

Narrative Medical Summaries

  • Includes specific information pertinent to the case
  • Specific pointers to differentiate information

Comprehensive Medical Summaries

  • Indexing of the medical records and setting them
    in a chronology

Comprehensive Medical Summaries

  • Précis writing of deposition highlighting
    important points

Value Derived by our Clientele