Billing Management

BDS manages the entire billing process of SNFs which includes Medicare, Medicaid, private payors and VA. We share statements with SNFs on the specific day(s) of the month as preferred.

Pending Claims Follow-up

Each claim is reviewed to determine its status. Our aggressive follow-up ensures desired cash flow to support your clinical operations. We have an extraordinary collection rate.

Claim Submission

We make sure before claim submission that the claims are accurate to avoid costly and time-consuming denials.

Medicaid Eligibility Process

We take care patients who have not completed their Medicaid eligibility by gathering all relevant financial data and submitting the required forms and documentation. Our team will be assisting the patient throughout the process to make sure the qualifications are meet thereby assuring your billing will be honoured and paid in a prompt manner.

ICD-10 Coding for assigning RUG-IV & MDS 3.0 (CDI) Congruence Review Services

Computation of accurate RUG-IV score in tune with the MDS assessment time frames is vital for driving the appropriate revenues. Computations of ADL scores and therapy minutes is the most vital part while determining the RUG-IV score that drives the Medicare payment during the 100-day period.
In turn, these factors are partially driven by the clinical documentation that drives the assignment of ICD-10-Codes that should maintain the congruence with MDS 3.0 data especially for obtaining the accurate ADL scores and therapy minutes computation per the medical necessity and Medicare regulations.
  • Our team of coders has rich experience in these types of services to Home Health Agencies for HHRG and OASIS Data congruence services
  • All our Home Health coders (HCS-D/HCS-O/BCHH-C) have undergone specialized internal training for SNF coding and MDS reviews after their basic training and experience in HHRG and OASIS-E reviews
  • All these internal training and certification processes ensure our client, SNFs optimum revenue flow while controlling audit vulnerabilities