Ensuring Accurate Coding, CDI & Oasis-e Congruence for HHAS for Maximization of Allowable Revenues & Compliance

Accurate ICD-10-Coding

We undertake complete chart review to ensure accurate ICD-10 coding for helping HHAs getting them most appropriate PDGM and hence the optimally paying HIPPS code in congruence with the Clinical Documentation.

Curbing Audit Vulnerability

We maintain Congruence between UB-04, CMS-485, Clinical Documentation and ICD-10 Coding for establishing the Medical Necessity and conduct sensitization sessions on Value Care parameters (OBQM/PBQM) to help clients stay in compliance with OASIS-E.

OASIS-E Congruency

We ensure logical congruence between clinical documentation, ICD-10- coding and OASIS-E to maximize revenue.

Clinical Documentation Improvement & training

We undertake sensitization & training sessions of HHAs & Clinical staff to ensure logical congruence, and help them prepare compliant OASIS-E and clinical documentation, by generating timely PQP/CQP.

Claim Generation

By integrating the data from coding-OASIS-Clinical Documentation and CMS-485, we prepare bills in UB-04 format to be submitted electronically to your RHHI.

Accounts Receivable follow-up

Efficient collection is just not linked to accuracy and productivity of the Medical Billing and Coding Team. It ultimately boils down to being successful in bridging the gap between awareness of payor’s ever-changing policies and procedures (Denial Analysis) and staying on the top of the issues by the data team while generating and submitting the claims. Our Specially Trained and Experienced Team works closely with clients by adopting and implementing customizable solutions that ensures significant reduction of the pending claims, improving the percentage of collection against the submitted claims.

Cash posting

On request we also undertake cash posting services on receipt of EFT/ERA/EOB alert.