Clinical Research Data Management

For an international Wound Care Medical Tech Company focused clinical trial data management.

For Consumer Health segment of information service company.


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clinical trial data management

Clinical Research Data Management

  • CRF & Visits data sourcing
  • Data Comprehensibility check
  • Data cleaning
  • Master sheet creation
  • Capturing patient meta data, site data baseline measures, dressing procedures, usage of medications, type & dimensions of wound, improvements over visits
  • Capturing wound images
  • Patient profile over trial
  • Computing site productivity
  • Computing time to heal, visits to heal, degree of healing,
    cost of healing
  • Clinical/Operational Analytics
  • Clinical support services
  • Efficacy Measures
  • Cost Economics
  • Marketing Insights


Clinical Research Data Management involves managing data throughout its lifecycle, from sourcing to analytics, across clinical trials. There is a strong emphasis on clinical trial data management and risk based quality management in clinical trials, supported by advanced clinical support services.

It's crucial for ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and quality of clinical data, which is essential for evaluating the efficacy of treatments and making informed decisions.

Bharari Digital Solutions (BDS) specializes in comprehensive data management, ensuring accurate data collection, cleaning, and analysis to support clinical research and regulatory compliance through robust clinical support services.

Outsourcing Clinical Research Data Management to BDS ensures that healthcare providers benefit from specialized expertise in handling complex data processes, including comprehensive clinical trial data management support services and risk based quality management in clinical trials.

BDS provides data sourcing, cleaning, analytics, and comprehensive clinical support services, ensuring high-quality and accurate data management.

This helps healthcare providers focus on core activities while maintaining compliance with quality data submission mandates and optimizing research outcomes.

Bharari Digital Solutions offers services in Clinical Research Data Management and clinical trial data management, including data sourcing, comprehensibility checks, data cleaning, and master sheet creation.

We capture patient metadata, site data, baseline measures, dressing procedures, medication usage, wound dimensions, and visit improvements.

We also manage wound images, patient profiles, site productivity, and healing metrics, integrating risk based quality management in clinical trials and providing comprehensive analytics and insights.  

Bharari Digital Solutions ensures the quality and accuracy of clinical research data through meticulous data sourcing, cleaning, and validation processes, leveraging clinical trial data management and support services.

We conduct comprehensibility checks and concurrent chart reviews, ensuring timely and accurate medical record completion. our coding-billing team diligently completes prudent PQP, adhering to stringent quality data submission mandates under the EHR-MU (Electronic Health Records—Meaningful Use), IQR (Inpatient Quality Reporting), and OQR (Outpatient Quality Reporting) programs.  

BDS provides a variety of analytics and insights in clinical research, including medication efficacy, site productivity, and cost economics. They compute metrics such as time to heal, visits to heal, degree of healing, and cost of healing, all underpinned by advanced clinical trial data management techniques.

These insights support clinical and operational decision-making, helping healthcare providers optimize treatment protocols and improve patient outcomes.  

BDS's services can benefit healthcare providers involved in clinical research, especially those in the wound care and consumer health segments.

Bharari Digital Solutions manages over one million records, providing specialized data management solutions that support clinical trials, enhance data quality through effective clinical trial data management, and ensure regulatory compliance, ultimately contributing to better research outcomes and patient care.  

Partnering with Bharari Digital Solutions for Clinical Research Data Management offers several benefits, including access to specialized expertise, comprehensive data management solutions, and advanced analytics.

BDS’s tailored services ensure high-quality data, compliance with regulatory mandates, and improved research efficiency through robust clinical trial data management practices. This partnership allows healthcare providers to focus on core clinical activities while benefiting from accurate and insightful data management.

BDS supports quality data submissions in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) environment by ensuring compliance with Electronic Health Records - Meaningful Use (EHR-MU), Inpatient

Quality Reporting (IQR) and Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR) programs. They manage the entire data lifecycle, from sourcing to comprehensive data handling and analytics, ensuring accurate and timely quality data submission.

This helps healthcare providers meet quality metrics and achieve optimal reimbursement under Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) programs.  

BDS plays a crucial role in the data lifecycle management of clinical trials by handling data sourcing, cleaning, and analysis.

We meticulously execute all aspects of data collection and management, from capturing patient and site data to creating master sheets and conducting comprehensive analytics. We also incorporate risk based quality management into clinical trials. Bharari Digital Solutions’ expertise ensures high-quality, reliable data that supports successful clinical trials and regulatory compliance.  

BDS’s clinical research data management approach enhances marketing insights by providing detailed analytics on medication efficacy, site productivity, and cost economics.

Our comprehensive data management and analysis processes generate valuable insights that can inform marketing strategies and improve the positioning of healthcare products and services. This data-driven approach helps healthcare providers make informed decisions and effectively market their offerings.