Medical Record Summarization (MRS)

We provide organized, summarized and hyper-linked summaries to evaluate the case much faster with improved accuracy.

Professional MRS Benefits

Whom We Serve

Attorneys and law firms handling medical negligence cases

Attorneys and law firms handling Workmen’s Compensation lawsuits and personal injuries

Insurance claims adjustorsand lawyers

Medical experts consulting for legal cases

QMEs, AMEs, IMEs, Forensic Experts

Types of Summaries

Comprehensive Medical Summaries

Narrative Medical Summaries

Comprehensive Medical Summaries

Comprehensive Medical Summaries

Value Derived by our Clientele

Medical Record Summarization


Medical Record Summarization (MRS) by Bharari Digital Solutions involves creating organized, summarized, and hyperlinked summaries of medical records. This process helps in evaluating cases faster and with improved accuracy. MRS provides a ready reference to a patient's entire medical history, highlighting the most critical points relevant to cases such as personal injury, medical malpractice, or medical injury, ensuring efficient and accurate case evaluations.

Professional Medical Record Summarization by Bharari Digital Solutions offers significant benefits, including easy visualization of treatment timelines, simplification of complex information, and provision of brief overviews and summaries. It highlights pertinent information, ensures compliance with data standards, and reduces costs and overheads. Additionally, it includes quick links for easy reference, saving substantial time for attorneys, paralegals, and claims personnel by streamlining the review process of medical documents.

Medical Record Summarization services by Bharari Digital Solutions are highly beneficial for various professionals. These include attorneys and law firms handling medical negligence cases, workmen’s compensation lawsuits, personal injuries, insurance claims adjustors, and lawyers. Medical experts consulting for legal cases, such as QMEs, AMEs, IMEs, and forensic experts, also find these services invaluable for efficient and accurate case evaluations.


Bharari Digital Solutions offers several types of medical summaries, including comprehensive medical summaries, narrative medical summaries, and précis writing. Comprehensive summaries include minute details and extensive information, while narrative summaries focus on specific case-relevant information with distinct pointers. Précis writing highlights important points from depositions, ensuring a detailed and organized representation of medical records.


Medical Record Summaries by Bharari Digital Solutions provide a quick guide to the most critical points relevant to legal cases. This aids in resolving personal injury, medical malpractice, or medical injury cases by reducing the time attorneys and claims personnel spend sorting and reviewing medical documents. Efficient case screening is ensured, with minimal disruption, facilitating faster and more accurate legal proceedings.


Clients of Bharari Digital Solutions derive significant value from organized and detailed overviews of medical records through Medical Record Summarization. This service simplifies complex information, aiding in better decision-making and enhancing case evaluation accuracy. Additionally, it reduces administrative overhead and saves substantial time for legal professionals, making the information more accessible and useful.


Medical Record Summaries by Bharari Digital Solutions ensure data compliance by adhering to data standards, ensuring that all summaries are accurate, reliable, and meet regulatory requirements. This compliance helps maintain the integrity of medical records and supports legal proceedings effectively, providing confidence in the data used for case evaluations and legal decision-making.


The workflow of Medical Record Summarization at Bharari Digital Solutions involves collecting medical documents, organizing them chronologically, summarizing key details, and creating hyperlinked summaries for easy reference. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive and accurate representation of the patient's medical history, facilitating quick and effective case evaluation, and improving overall case management efficiency.


Bharari Digital Solutions handles complex medical information by providing detailed summaries and visualizations of treatment timelines. This approach simplifies the complexity of medical data, making it more accessible and understandable for legal professionals. By reducing the time and effort needed to review extensive medical records, it ensures efficient and accurate case evaluations, benefiting attorneys and claims personnel.


Bharari Digital Solutions ensures the accuracy of Medical Record Summarization by employing expert reviewers who meticulously analyze a wide range of medical documents. The process includes detailed indexing and chronological arrangement of medical records, ensuring that every pertinent piece of information is included. Advanced software tools are also utilized to cross-check data for precision. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the summaries are both reliable and precise, aiding in effective legal case evaluations and decision-making.