Medical Coding & Billing for Hospitals

DNFB Reduction

DRG Coding under IPPS

Inpatient Surgical Procedure Coding

Timely completion of Medical Records

Quality Data Submission Mandates

We undertake DRG coding, CDI, IGRP/ OQPR services for hospital to curb DNFB situation and improve the compliance. We also intelligent Clinical Data Abstraction (CDA) services for accomplishing this task.

We provide support For UB–04 Filing and Accounts Receivable Follow-Up for improved revenue collections

We are focused towards the Health IT Services especially for ACOs and large healthcare groups where Health Analytics-Data Based. Management Services (HA-DBMS) drive the revenue and curb the vulnerabilities of statutory audits, sanctions and penalties associated with compliance. We are fully aware of the end-to-end process of IPPS and DRG Coding and the quality data submission norms. Our coders will be either CCS (AHIMA) or CIC (AAPC) who understand this domain very well. Our coders will take into account CCs/MCCs as well to keep a balance between documentation related to POA/HAC criteria. IMPACT-Act-2015 is paving the ways of ZPIC and RAC auditors to go through the hospital charts with close lens to see the value of the delivered care . Most of the times it is the under- documentation which is the culprit that leads to charges of non-compliance while establishing Medical Necessity. We believe in this area we could best assist you to ensure MN compliance.

Our coders/documentation specialists’ work as a trusted partner with your billing team. With such a close partnership, DNFB can be significantly reduced as well as we could keep good tab on readmissions.

Clinical Data Abstraction (CDA) / Claim Based Data Analytics / Abstraction Services

Meaningful Use of EHR - Modified Stage-2

Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting Program (OQRP)

Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program (IQRP)

UB-04 Claims Filing- ECS- Cash- Posting and AR-Follow-Up Services