Clinical Trial Data Abstraction & Summarization in Evidence based Medicines




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Clinical Trial Data Abstraction & Summarization in Evidence based Medicines

For international Evidence based Clinical decision support service providers in Orthopaedic & Psychiatry.


Papers Abstracted

Service Value Chain

  • Trial design and Study methodology
  • Hypothesis
  • Diseases and indications
  • Inclusion & Exclusion criterion
  • Treatment & Procedures
  • Demography
  • Drug Efficacy & Tolerability Outcomes
  • Statistical comparisons for outcomes
  • Risk of Bias, AMSTAR, GRADSTAR scores
  • Quality Check of abstracted papers
  • Evidence based trial summaries
  • Clinical Analytics
  • Facilitate Clinical Insights


Medical summarization is the process of condensing large volumes of clinical trial data into concise, easy-to-understand summaries. At Bharari Digital Solutions, this service helps clinicians and researchers quickly grasp key findings, such as drug efficacy, safety, and economic impacts. By summarizing complex data into accessible formats, medical summarization aids in evidence-based decision-making. This ensures that treatment choices are informed by the latest research, improving outcomes in fields like orthopaedics and psychiatry. The summaries also help reduce the time needed to review studies, allowing for more efficient and effective clinical decision support.

Bharari Digital Solutions' clinical trial data abstraction service covers a variety of study types, including randomized controlled trials (RCTs), retrospective and prospective cohort studies, case series, and both surgical and non-surgical treatments. This comprehensive approach ensures that all relevant data is captured and summarized for evidence-based medicine practices.


We analyze various treatment types, such as combination therapies, co-interventions, cross-over studies, and anaesthetic treatments. Bharari Digital Solutions focuses on understanding the efficacy, tolerability, and economic aspects of these treatments to provide robust, evidence-based clinical decision support for healthcare providers.


Key outcomes analyzed include pain, quality of life, functional status, adverse events, disease progression, hemodynamic changes, drug efficacy, cost-effectiveness, hospital stay durations, cognitive and behavioral impacts, and overall patient satisfaction. At Bharari Digital Solutions, we emphasize these outcomes to ensure comprehensive evidence-based medicine. This thorough analysis helps in understanding how treatments impact various aspects of patient health, from physiological responses to quality of life improvements. By focusing on a wide array of outcomes, we provide a detailed view that supports informed clinical decisions, helping healthcare professionals to choose the best treatment options based on solid evidence and clinical effectiveness.

Bharari Digital Solutions abstracts and summarizes clinical trial data, focusing on critical outcomes and statistical comparisons. This information is then used by evidence-based clinical decision support firms to create detailed, reliable summaries that aid physicians in making informed treatment decisions based on the latest research in orthopaedics and psychiatry.


We perform rigorous quality checks, including assessments of trial design, study methodology, hypothesis validity, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and demographic data. Bharari Digital Solutions evaluates drug efficacy, tolerability outcomes, and potential biases using AMSTAR and GRADSTAR scores to ensure high-quality, reliable summaries for evidence-based clinical insights.


Our primary clients are evidence-based clinical decision support firms. Ultimately, the end-users are physicians who rely on these summaries to facilitate clinical insights and improve patient care. By providing accurate and comprehensive medical summarization, Bharari Digital Solutions enhances the practice of evidence-based medicine in orthopaedics and psychiatry.


Bharari Digital Solutions has successfully abstracted over 9,000 papers, ensuring a robust database of clinical trial summaries that support evidence-based medicine. This extensive experience allows us to provide high-quality, reliable data abstraction and medical summarization services to our clients.


Evidence-based medicine involves using the best available research and clinical expertise to make informed healthcare decisions. Bharari Digital Solutions supports this approach by providing detailed clinical trial summaries, ensuring that treatments and interventions are based on solid scientific evidence, ultimately improving patient outcomes and healthcare quality.


We ensure relevance by focusing on key outcomes and using stringent quality checks. Bharari Digital Solutions' summaries cover a wide range of critical factors, including efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness. This comprehensive approach ensures that the information provided is relevant, reliable, and useful for evidence-based clinical decision making.