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Medical Record Management (MRM) involves the systematic organization, storage, and retrieval of medical records in a digital format. It is crucial because it enhances the accessibility and security of patient information, supports compliance with healthcare regulations such as NABH/ISO, and improves overall efficiency in healthcare facilities. By digitizing records, healthcare providers can easily access patient histories, streamline administrative processes, reduce the risk of data loss or damage, and ultimately improve patient care.


Bharari Digital Solution offers comprehensive MRM services, including the digitization of medical records, scanning and data entry, centralized admission forms management, and narrative medical summaries. We handle specialized projects such as the digitization of patient records for senior urologists and large hospitals, and the management of university examination papers. Our services are designed to ensure accurate, secure, and efficient record management, tailored to meet the specific needs of various healthcare providers and institutions.


Outsourcing your MRM to Bharari Digital Solution offers numerous benefits. It is more cost-effective than managing records in-house, eliminating the need for training staff and dealing with employee turnover. Our services free up valuable real estate space, which can be repurposed to generate higher returns on investment. Additionally, our expertise in indexing and coding facilitates advanced analytics, providing valuable insights into your data. This allows you to focus on core activities while we handle the complexities of record management.


We implement stringent security measures to protect against data leakage and document loss. Our digitized records are stored in secure, encrypted databases with restricted access. We follow robust data management protocols and destruction SOPs to ensure that your records are protected throughout their lifecycle. Our systems are regularly audited to maintain compliance with industry standards and to safeguard your information against potential risks. This multi-layered security approach ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your data.


Well-maintained and easily retrievable digitized records significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare providers. They reduce the time spent searching for patient information, enhance the accuracy of medical histories, and facilitate better coordination of care. Digitized records also support compliance with regulatory requirements and help healthcare providers quickly respond to audits or legal inquiries. Moreover, they enable the implementation of advanced data analytics, contributing to improved decision-making and patient outcomes.


Our process for digitizing medical records involves several steps. First, we collect and organize the physical records. Next, our team scans the documents using high-quality equipment to create digital copies. These digital records are then indexed and coded for easy retrieval and analysis. Finally, the digitized records are stored in a secure database, and the physical documents are either returned to you or destroyed according to our SOPs. This comprehensive process ensures that your records are accurately digitized and securely managed.


Yes, Bharari Digital Solution is equipped to handle large-scale projects. We have successfully managed the digitization and storage of medical records for hospitals, clinics, and large healthcare facilities. Additionally, we have experience in handling over 1.5 million university examination papers, ensuring accurate pre- and post-assessment storage for extended periods. Our infrastructure and expertise allow us to efficiently manage and secure large volumes of records, providing reliable and scalable solutions for our clients.


Bharari Digital Solution has been recognized for its excellence in record management. We have been awarded as a zero-error paper assessment and storage center, a testament to our meticulous and accurate record-keeping processes. Our well-set storage, retrieval, and destruction SOPs ensure that we maintain the highest standards of service quality and reliability. These accolades highlight our commitment to delivering exceptional services and our dedication to maintaining the trust of our clients.


By outsourcing MRM to Bharari Digital Solution, you can eliminate the need for physical storage of paper records. This frees up valuable real estate space within your facility, which can be repurposed for other revenue-generating activities. Our digital storage solutions ensure that your records are accessible and secure without occupying physical space, allowing you to optimize your facility’s layout and usage. This not only improves operational efficiency but also maximizes the return on your investment in physical space.


Getting started with Bharari Digital Solution’s MRM services is easy. Contact us through our website or call our customer service team to discuss your specific needs. We will assess your current record management processes and provide a customized solution tailored to your requirements. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to the implementation of our digitization and management services, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to digital records. We are committed to providing seamless and effective solutions for all your record management needs.