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Service Value Chain

  • Rx reading – Pad as well as Soft data
  • Understanding Doctors’ handwriting
  • Understanding of client brand masters & dosage nomenclature
  • Brand Coding from product masters
  • Identification of local brands
  • Coding of symptoms & meta data
  • Coding of Primary & Secondary Disease
  • Quality Process
  • Brand Trend Analytics
  • Product Strategy


Prescription digitization involves converting handwritten or printed prescriptions into a digital format. This process is crucial for ensuring accurate data entry, facilitating easy access to patient medication history, and enhancing the overall efficiency of healthcare services. By digitizing prescriptions, errors are minimized, and it supports a more streamlined workflow in managing extensive medical records. Bharari Digital Solutions excels in prescription digitization, providing precise services to support physicians in delivering better patient care.


Identifying primary and secondary diseases along with ICD10 coding is essential in medical summarization to categorize and code disease patterns accurately. This facilitates better patient management, ensures compliance with health reporting standards, and aids in systematic disease tracking. Accurate ICD10 coding is critical for insurance claims and for healthcare providers to offer targeted treatments, especially in managing records across various specialties. Bharari Digital Solutions' expertise in ICD10 coding enhances the reliability and utility of medical summaries.


Coding symptoms, medications, and meta data in medical summaries provides a comprehensive view of a patient’s health record, enhancing diagnosis accuracy and treatment efficacy. This detailed coding helps in correlating various health factors like symptoms, age, medications, and dosage forms, which is crucial for analyzing prescribing patterns and variations. Bharari Digital Solutions excels in medical coding, ensuring that all relevant data is meticulously coded, aiding in better health care strategies and decisions.

Brand coding from product masters involves categorizing medications and treatments based on proprietary names, which is essential for maintaining consistency and accuracy in medical records. This process helps in understanding doctors' handwriting, deciphering local brand names, and ensuring that prescriptions are accurately reflected in patient summaries. Such precision is crucial for analyzing brand trends and developing product strategies, benefiting both healthcare providers and patients. Bharari Digital Solutions' expertise in brand coding ensures comprehensive and accurate medical records.


Quality processes in medical coding ensure that every aspect of patient data—from disease codes to medication details—is accurately captured and categorized. This precision is vital for maintaining high standards of data integrity and reliability, essential for a leading clinical information services company managing extensive records. Quality coding supports effective treatment planning, compliance with health regulations, and provides valuable insights for continuous healthcare improvement. Bharari Digital Solutions places a strong emphasis on quality to deliver top-notch medical coding services.


Bharari Digital Solutions leverages advanced technology to transform handwritten or printed prescriptions into accurate digital formats, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in healthcare documentation. This expertise supports physicians in making informed decisions, ensuring a higher standard of patient care and record management. With a focus on precision and accuracy, BDS helps healthcare providers manage patient data efficiently, reducing errors and streamlining workflows. Their services are critical for maintaining extensive medical records effectively.

At Bharari Digital Solutions, ICD10 coding for multi-use drugs is approached with meticulous precision, ensuring each application is accurately reflected in the medical records. This detailed attention to drug usage coding helps healthcare providers in diagnosing and planning appropriate treatments for complex medical conditions. Furthermore, BDS's coding accuracy is vital for ensuring compliance with global health standards and facilitating efficient health insurance processing, thereby supporting comprehensive patient care. Their expertise ensures that all drug applications are correctly documented.


BDS's medical coding and summarization services cover an expansive range of over 21 specialties, ensuring comprehensive management of diseases and treatments. This broad coverage supports physicians by providing precise and tailored medical records, crucial for effective treatment plans and outcomes. By managing extensive records, BDS ensures that patient data across various specialties is accurately captured and maintained. Their services enhance the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery, supporting better patient outcomes and facilitating specialized care.



BDS employs sophisticated technology and expert coders skilled in deciphering various handwriting styles, crucial for accurate prescription digitization. This precision significantly reduces errors and enhances the reliability of medical summaries. By accurately interpreting doctors' handwritten notes, BDS ensures that all patient data is correctly recorded and accessible. This capability is essential for maintaining comprehensive and accurate medical records, supporting physicians in providing effective patient care.


Bharari Digital Solutions utilizes advanced analytics to assess prescribing patterns and variations within diagnoses, offering crucial insights into effective medication use. By analyzing data from extensive medical records, BDS identifies trends and anomalies in prescription practices, which helps in refining drug selection and usage strategies. This analysis aids physicians in choosing the most effective treatments based on empirical data, enhancing patient outcomes and optimizing healthcare resource allocation. Their analytical capabilities support better healthcare decision-making.