EHR/EMR Data Management and Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

For an EHR company.

For Healthcare Institutions

For Disease Management firm

For Surgeons & Physicians


Cases Transcribed

Service Value Chain

  • Vitals, History taking
  • Lab Investigations
  • Symptoms, Complaints
  • Indications and Diagnosis
  • Complications
  • Medication/Treatment
  • Exercise plan, diet plan
  • Next Appointment
  • EMR workflow
  • Automation of workflow through system
  • Clinical/Operational Analytics
  • Value Maximization through EMR


Bharari Digital Solutions offers comprehensive EHR/EMR Data Management services, including medical transcription for disease management firms, EHR/EMR companies, and surgeons specializing in diabetology, orthopedics, and cardiology. They collaborate with EMR/EHR software providers to offer a one-stop solution in the form of Platform/Product + Service (SaaS). Their services enhance the efficiency and accuracy of electronic health record data, ensuring high-quality patient care and streamlined healthcare workflows. By leveraging advanced technology and skilled professionals, BDS ensures precise data management, which is crucial for effective clinical decision-making, regulatory compliance, and improving overall healthcare outcomes. Their expertise supports seamless integration and optimal use of EHR systems.

Bharari Digital Solutions collaborates with EMR/EHR software providers by offering a seamless integration of their transcription services with the providers’ platforms. This collaboration results in a comprehensive solution that combines technology and service (SaaS), enhancing the management of electronic health record data. By working closely with software providers, BDS ensures that healthcare institutions and practitioners receive efficient, accurate, and user-friendly EHR/EMR solutions.

Bharari Digital Solutions manages a wide range of cases through their medical transcription services, including vitals recording, history taking, lab investigations, symptoms and complaints documentation, indications and diagnosis, complications, medication and treatment plans, exercise and diet plans, and scheduling next appointments. Their extensive experience in transcribing over 0.1 million cases ensures that electronic health record data is meticulously maintained and easily accessible for healthcare providers.


BDS ensures accuracy in medical transcription by employing skilled transcriptionists and utilizing advanced technology to capture detailed patient information. Their process includes documenting vitals, history, lab results, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and follow-up plans. This meticulous approach guarantees that electronic health record data is precise and comprehensive, supporting effective patient care and operational efficiency for healthcare providers.


Healthcare institutions benefit from BDS’s EHR/EMR Data Management services through improved accuracy and efficiency in managing electronic health records. BDS’s services include comprehensive medical transcription, integration with EMR workflows, and automation of clinical and operational analytics. These benefits lead to better patient outcomes, streamlined administrative processes, and enhanced decision-making capabilities, ultimately maximizing the value of EMR systems.


BDS’s medical transcription service supports disease management firms by accurately transcribing patient data, including symptoms, treatments, and follow-up plans. This service ensures that electronic health record data is up-to-date and accessible, facilitating effective disease management and patient monitoring. BDS’s expertise in handling complex medical information helps disease management firms deliver targeted and efficient care to their patients.


BDS enhances the workflow of EMR systems by providing comprehensive transcription services that integrate seamlessly with existing EMR platforms. Their services include documenting all aspects of patient care, from initial symptoms to treatment plans and follow-up appointments. This integration streamlines the workflow, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures that electronic health record data is consistently accurate and easily accessible.


Clinical and operational analytics play a crucial role in BDS’s services by providing insights into patient care and healthcare operations. BDS uses analytics to track and analyze various aspects of patient data, such as treatment outcomes, operational efficiency, and compliance with clinical guidelines. These insights help healthcare providers make informed decisions, improve patient care, and optimize the use of electronic health record data.


BDS ensures value maximization through EMR for pharmaceutical companies by providing accurate and comprehensive data management solutions. Their services include medical transcription and data analysis, which help pharma companies understand prescribing patterns, treatment efficacy, and patient outcomes. This information is vital for developing effective marketing strategies, improving drug formulations, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Bharari Digital Solutions is a reliable partner for surgeons and physicians due to their expertise in medical transcription and EHR/EMR data management. They provide accurate and timely transcription of patient data, ensuring that all aspects of patient care are documented thoroughly. Their services support clinical decision-making, enhance patient care quality, and streamline administrative tasks, making them an invaluable partner for healthcare professionals seeking efficient and reliable data management solutions.